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Jefferson was settled in July, 1851 by Jacob Conser.  The town began as a hometown for pioneers full of high hopes and big dreams.  Today the town still boasts descendants of families of that original time.  You will also find a number of historic homes and buildings in our downtown area . 

Our town sprung up on the banks of the lovely Santiam River when it was used primarily for transportation of goods and people.  Since then, the river has remained a focal point of the community – but is now revered for its lazy stretch of water which has proven popular with river floaters, boaters, and photographers.  The Santiam River in Jefferson also sports some of the best fishing in Oregon. 

In 1933 Jefferson’s iconic bridge over the Santiam was designed and built by renowned builder Conde B. McCullough (1887-1946).  Many of his structures are also seen along the Oregon Coast.  Our bridge still stands, strong and impressive, guarding the south entrance to the city.

 Located on Highway 99E, one of the main north-south roads through western Oregon in its time.  In the mid-1950s, a section of I-5 was built around Jefferson and soon, the community of Jefferson felt the effect.  No longer was all the traffic coming through our prosperous little city and we began to lose many of our businesses and thus, our economic structure.  Jefferson has awakened from its economic slumber with a new sense of hope, vibrancy and volunteerism defining the community.   We are conveniently located only 3 miles from I-5 with easy access to Albany, Salem, Eugene, and Portland. 

 Jefferson is now the home of many groups, organizations, and non-profits who, filled with high hopes and big dreams like our original pioneer founders, are addressing the needs of our community and making a positive impact on Jefferson and the surrounding area.  Today the spirit of volunteerism and a strong sense of community are alive and thriving.    

Annual events like the Mint Festival (held in July) and the Festival of Flowers (held each May) are popular attractions bringing many from throughout the Willamette Valley and beyond.  Jefferson boasts many large private and corporate farms raising mint, grass seed, hazelnuts, and other seasonal crops.  Agriculture still remains this area’s largest employer and economic provider. 

We invite visitors to enjoy our natural beauty, scenic vistas, open crop lands, and welcoming spirit.  Please come for a visit – or to stay - soon.   

We'll make you feel right at home.